Author FAQ

1 What are the benefits of participating in a Romance Reader Coloring Challenge?

Aside from being seen as a really freaking cool author, there are several legitimate author biz reasons to contribute your book to one of our challenges:

1. It’s a fun list-builder: The printable version of the coloring book will be available as a free, limited-time download via BookFunnel.

People who want it provide their email address which you will get after one month, when the list-building portion of the project ends. The first list-builder generated 503 names & emails for the 27 participating authors. The second campaign, the PNR coloring book, built its list to 1500 names and email addresses in the first 12 days. (It’s still collecting names as of the writing of this page).

2. Your title is featured as a Recommended Read: When you submit your challenge idea, you also give us one of your book titles as a perfect read to meet the challenge. So every reader who looks at that challenge will see your book title. Every person who colors your challenge page will have your book title right in front of them the whole time.

3. It’s a unique social engagement project: Readers participating in the challenges are encouraged to share their colored page (which has your book title on it) on their social media channels using the hashtag #ColorfulRomance. As more and more readers play the game and do the challenges, your title will be seen by more and more new readers.

4. Your coloring page is yours to use as you wish: The coloring page you request will be sent to you as a high resolution png, for you to share in any way you wish aside from monetizing it since the licensing rights are linked to the purchaser of the original image and background design.

2 Is there a cost to participate?

Yes. Why you ask? Well, because there are lots of hard costs associated with bringing this project to life. For instance, the coloring images are designed by an artist who is being paid a living wage for his time. The cost to participate is less than many (most, in fact) list-builders. And you get way more than just the list!

3 Did someone say royalties?

Once a themed challenge has enough author contributors to warrant creating a paperback coloring book, one will be created and sold on Amazon. A printable version which is the same as the Amazon version will be sold on PayHip. Participating authors will be given the option to be listed as a Contributor, but any and all royalties will be paid to the Editors/ Publisher of the coloring book to offset not only their time to manage and create the product, but also BookFunnel expenses, website maintenance, commercial licenses for the images, AMS and Facebook ads and any other expenses that arise.

4 How do I get my book featured as a romance coloring challenge page?

Email author@romancecoloringchallenge.com with a link to the sales page of the book you’d like to have recommended as a challenge read, the romance sub-genre of that title, and a few words about the way you’d frame a reading challenge for that book.

Easy as that! We’ll get back to you and let you know where your title might fit in our challenge-theme publishing schedule.