Printable Adult Coloring Books

If you’re enjoying our free adult coloring pages, please support the authors and help us create more free, romance-themed coloring pages by purchasing our coloring books!

Each of these fun coloring books contains 46 high-resolution coloring pages (the images on the website are smaller files) and only costs $5USD — that’s just 11 cents per page!

These coloring books are available for instant download. 

One of the great things about printable coloring books—as opposed to the version you can buy on Amazon for $9.99—is that once you save them to your computer you can print as many copies as you’d like—for your own personal use, please! 

Play with different types of paper, different color palettes for the same coloring page, and different media. Ignite your inner Andy Warhol!

Paint a version with water color paints, another with tempera. Play with shading and pencil crayons or rich markers. All with the same hot hero or delicious deity or captivating couple.