Romance reader challenge coloring book

Romance Lovers Coloring Book


This downloadable coloring book of Contemporary Romance Coloring Pages features 46 illustrations of scenes you’d see in your favorite romance novels. 

Scroll down to see a handful of the sexy heroes, kick-ass heroines, and couples sharing a moment of their Happily Ever After, all ready for you to color. Click the button to see thumbnails of all 46 coloring pages in this printable.

Stay with the stories you love while you bring these heroes—and heroines—to life just as you pictured them!


  • PDF download for you to print on US Letter or A4 paper.
  • 46 coloring pages for $5—that’s just over 10 cents per page!
  • Half the price of the paperback—and you can print on nicer paper!
  • But if you want the coloring book, you can get it right here from Amazon.


Romance Lovers Coloring Book


Participating Authors

A.M. Williams
Amanda Shelley
Beth Linton
C.L. Collier
Cassie Laelyn
Dania Voss
Danika Bloom
Debra J. Falasco
Elyzabeth M. Valey
Eva Delaney
Gabbi Black
Gabbi Grey
Hannah Morse
Ivy Hunt

Print these pages as many times as you like. 

Color the pictures you love most with markers, then do them again with pencil crayons, and again with paint pens, gel pens, glitter pens… then do the same coloring page as a multi-media picture! How fun is that?

Experiment with new techniques without fear of ‘ruining’ a coloring book. 

Make copies for your romance reading gal pals and color while you jibber jabber about your favorite new author and romance read.

And then? Post your coloring page to Instagram with the hashtag #ColorfulRomance for a chance to win free ebooks from participating authors. 

Participating Authors

J. S. Cooper
Jeanine Lauren
Kaci Rose
Kristal Dawn Harris
Laura M. Baird
Liz Matis
Mia Harlan
Mindy Klasky
Patricia D. Eddy
Sharon Michalove
Shirley Penick
Sionnach Wintergreen
Stacey Wallace
W. L. Hawkin